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Update: Back from Vacation AND OC Friends re-implemented!

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This post was imported from an old weblog posted to by multiple people who do not have user accounts here. Some, if not all, of the links may not work, and some of the content is … questionable. These posts are mostly here for my own sake, but feel free to read through them.

Original post by Saunders:
Original Post:
Ginnsu and myself are indeed back from our 2 week trip to Alberta.
I’ll try and write some more about it later, for now this post will have to be good enough.

So yes, we’re back from our venture to Alberta, I can’t say for sure about Chris (Ginnsu) but I certainly enjoyed most of my time there.

We stayed for about a week with my dad’s brother and his wife, Nev and Pat, who live in Gwynne, which is around Wetaskiwin and Camrose (which are all South of Edmonton), we got there Sunday the 6th I believe. There wasn’t really much to do around the house that we couldn’t have done at home, so we tried not to spend too much time there. Instead, we went into Edmonton (about an hours drive) and visited a friend, Mark, who had moved there last August. We didn’t stay for too long, as he had to work in the morning, but we made plans to head back out and spend the night in his room in the next day or two, which we did. While we were with Mark we went to the Southgate mall (just your average mall) and watched the entirety of the Outlaw Star series, which captivated me unlike any anime I’d seen in quite some time, I just kept wanting more.

After our couple days with Mark, or perhaps before, we went to the Reynolds Alberta Museum. It was a collection of old restored vehicles and aircraft, some of it was interesting, but nothing worth mentioning here really. My memory of exact days is a little hazy up to that point, but I know that on Saturday (the 11th) we went into Edmonton once again to visit my cousin Mike.

We hung around his place for a while, and went to the West Edmonton mall for some fun. Chris, Steven, and Kristie (friend, brother, sister. Respectively) went to the waterpark and stayed there the whole time (5 hours) while Mike, Miranda (other sister) and I strolled around the Mall. We went to the movie theater and watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which I personally enjoyed quite a bit. After that, Mike and Miranda went on the Mind Bender (a roller coaster) and then we had a bite to eat, they had some New York Fries, and I had an Arby’s Homestyle Pot Roast sandwich with horseradish sauce. The meat was good, the sauce was awful. After that we picked up everyone from the pool and went back to Mike’s place where we were privileged enough to listen to his band play some music. They were really quite good, they took Chris by surprise actually, he had been expecting some amateurish, maybe half-decent music, but as he said when they were done, “That was fuckin’ awesome.”

That night when we went back to Gwynne, to my aunt and uncle’s place, to go to bed, it was storming, which wasn’t a rare occurrence, even for the short amount of time we had been there, but unfortunately for us, when we got back to the house, not only was it empty (and locked, with no perceivable way in) our tent was blown onto it’s side and practically filled with water. Luckily for me I had put all my clothes in the car… unluckily for Chris, he hadn’t. Although it wasn’t so bad, his clothes were relatively dry, but as can be expected we weren’t very happy. My parents and aunt and uncle had gone to Red Deer to visit some friends, and before we left my uncle had told us he’d put a key to the house outside for us, when we looked where he’d told us it would be we couldn’t find it and so we just assumed they had forgotten to leave it out. Thankfully, they had all gone in their vehicle and left the truck at the house, so I unlocked the truck, told Chris and my brother, who had come back with us from Mike’s place (the girls stayed there), to sleep in the truck (I had keys, and it has bench seats) while I’d take the car with Becca (which doesn’t have bench seats). In the middle of the night (although it had already been around 10-11 when we went to sleep) my dad woke me up so we could sleep somewhere decent. He also asked me why we didn’t go in the house, when I explained that we couldn’t find the key he told me that it was exactly where it was supposed to be, I guess we just overlooked it completely.

The next day (we’re at Sunday now) we dried out the tent as much as possible and then put it away, as we were planning to continue on to my mom’s sister’s place which ended up not happening anyway. Mike showed up, with my sisters in tow, and we all had breakfast. Then around 5:30 Chris and I went back into Edmonton for a last visit with Mark. That evening, while we were there, Mike called us from his place. He’d brought the girls back with him again, they were going to a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean and wanted to know if we’d like to go with. After a quick check with Mark, we decided we’d all tag along for the movie, and it too was quite enjoyable. We got out of the movie at 1am, and seeing as Mark had to work in the morning decided we’d better get him home to rest as much as possible. After we dropped him off we jaunted on over to Mike’s again and spent the night there. The next morning (now it’s Monday) he made us some breakfast and then we just lazed around his place for a while, watching some TV, and eventually another movie (This time it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) on the big screen TV. Eventually my dad called from my mom’s sister’s place, they had gone on without us (as we’d expected) and they were starting to wonder if we’d ever show up. Not too long after that we all decided we had better get going, so we said our goodbyes (and it occurs to me just now that I never really said goodbye to Pat and Nev.. bah, now I feel bad :) and headed to Spruce Grove.

Think this is long enough yet?

So we got out of Edmonton without many conflicts (just one guy cursed at me) and to Spruce Grove with minimal mistakes (just one wrong turn), and we spent the next couple days with my aunt Kelly and uncle Boyd, and their dogs and cats. Our first day was pretty much just setting up the tent, saying our hellos, and getting some sleep. The next day we didn’t do much of anything, Boyd and Kelly both had to work so my parents just took some laundry into town while the rest of us sat around and watched TV. The day after that, we went to the Valley Zoo in Edmonton, which was alright, not as good as the Calgary Zoo, and we couldn’t see the wolves (which was our primary reason for going there) so that was a little disappointing (it was also hot as hell). We got home and dad, Steven and Boyd climbed into the hot tub, while the rest of us played Scattergories. After we played a few rounds of that, the girls all hopped into the tub and the rest of us went to bed. The next day was another slow day, at least for Chris and I. The girls (mom, Kelly, Miranda, Kristie) went to the Spruce Grove mall for some shopping, dad and Steven went fishing for a short while, Boyd was working, and Chris and I watched some TV and played with the dogs (I also went into town to have another Arby’s pot roast sandwich, this time without the horseradish sauce, it was much better). Kelly had started spaghetti that afternoon and had been letting it simmer all day, so when they got back from the mall we had some for dinner. I’m not much of a spaghetti lover, and I’m a pickey eater to boot, but it was pretty good. After dinner the girls had been started implementing some hair dyes they had bought at the mall, so dad, Steven, Chris, Becca and I went down to the Saskatchewan river for some swimming. Just like last year, it was a lot of fun. The river has a fairly strong current so you can lean back and let it sweep you along, the only non-fun thing about it is walking back up river to do it all again. So we did that for a little while, and when we got back they were just finishing up with the whole hair dye thing. After that we kind of just sat around and talked, except for Chris who hopped in the hot tub and stayed in there for a couple of hours, then we all went to bed. The next day was kind of depressing as it was all spent getting ready to leave, so we said our goodbyes, hopped in our vehicles and drove off. We spent all of that day and most of the next driving, and we were home by around 6pm or so. And now you know, the rest of the story… or something… Yeah I know, the end just kind of fizzles out there doesn’t it.. hmm, how about this. When I got home, I was kidnapped by evil space aliens who were plotting the demise of all humankind, but through some miraculous feats I was able to thwart their nefarious scheme and I destroyed them all. The end.

Excuse any bad grammar, punctuation, and general hard-to-understandingness. It’s kind of late, I’m kind of tired, and I kind of don’t care.

Oh, also, the OverClocked Friends is back online and working, although all your pictures are gone, kind of. I’m keeping them here (user/pass is ocf/ocremix) temporarily just so you don’t all lose stuff you don’t have, but they won’t be going back in the OCF directory unless you do it yourself.

Thanks for reading.


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This post was imported from an old weblog posted to by multiple people who do not have user accounts here. Some, if not all, of the links may not work, and some of the content is … questionable. These posts are mostly here for my own sake, but feel free to read through them.

Original post by Saunders:

Yay, it’s Canada Day! Today is Canada’s 136th ‘birthday.’ Celebrate it well my Canadian brethren.

And uh.. that is all.

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