So I’m gonna try letting the blog loose again.  I don’t know how well it’s going to work, but I have to give it a try just so I can see how well it’s (not) working.

I’ve been back and forth with Globat’s tech support, (I think I had like 3 support tickets going or something…) and at first they weren’t even acknowledging that there was any problem. I kept getting replies that were basically, “It’s working fine, not our fault.” To be fair, they weren’t actually that rude, but that was the impression I got from them. But now they at least seem to be willing to admit that there might be a problem. I think the only reason I’m getting any attention though is because I replied to one of their automated, “Early Renewal GloCentive” emails with the following:

I don’t suppose that if I reply to this address anyone will even see this,
but just in case, I’d like to say that if things don’t improve with my site
soon I don’t think I’ll ever be renewing my account.

Although it still took them 5 days to give me a human response, and at first they were just like, “What’s wrong?” They even said that if I replied to that email, “it will go directly to our tier 2 techs to which I’m escalating this ticket to.” The first thing I thought when I read that was, “great, now I get to re-explain the problem, point out the support ticket I already have going, etc” but before I got around to replying to that email, I received a second email (with the new support ticket number, so I knew it wasn’t just a reply to the old ticket) that actually said their “SAs” (system administrators I guess?) are working on the slowness issues. So far nothing seems to have changed, the only thing that seemed to have had any effect whatsoever was when I moved all the WordPress SQL tables to their own DB, and CPG’s as well. That seemed to provide a bit of a speed boost, but that was something I did myself a while ago, not anything that’s happened recently.

I’m hoping that they weren’t just trying to butter me up with the whole “working on the slowness” talk, and that they actually ARE working on it. If I don’t see some results soon though, they told me to talk to them again and they’ll actually transfer me to another server, although unless they stop overloading their servers that’s just going to be another delaying action. Eventually the new server will fill up and the whole mess will repeat itself. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now though. But I’m certainly not going to keep my eyes closed to other web hosts.