I was updating my AutoIt install just now, and checking the revision history I saw this:

Fixed #3606: CheckForUpdates : Extras\AutoUpdateIt\AutoUpdateIt.au3 script.

And I thought, “Wow, are they still including that update script I wrote a million years ago?”

Yup. :)

A bunch of the code has changed around. People have added new features and updated for new spec, but then there’s some of my old code still intact that should have been updated long ago.
For example, this function should have been replaced with ShellExecute() (which was added in 2013):

Func _Start($s_StartPath)
    Local $s_StartStr
    If @OSType = 'WIN32_NT' Then
        $s_StartStr = @ComSpec & ' /c start "" '
        $s_StartStr = @ComSpec & ' /c start '
    Run($s_StartStr & $s_StartPath, '', @SW_HIDE)
EndFunc   ;==>_Start

I also found the forum thread where Jon (the creator of AutoIt) originally asked for people to come up with an auto update kind of script. And then I found the actual post where he started including it with the installer, from 2005. Oh it makes a guy feel old. ;)

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